Tulsa Pop Kids Hulkbuster debut

Please join TULSA POP KIDS at Accurate Collison on Friday at 10:00am as they present the making of the HULKBUSTER. The 11’6” life size statue is a recreation of Tony Stark’s forty-fourth Iron Man suit, made with the help of Bruce Banner. Created solely for the purpose of restraining the Hulk. In Avengers: Infinity War, Bruce Banner unable to transform to the Hulk dons the Hulkbuster to battle Thanos and his army.

With the help of our volunteers who spent many hours carving and sanding, Helmerich & Payne, Inc., who prepared the Hulkbuster to be painted by applying the Red Primer, and Accurate Collision who is in the processing of completing the project with a beautiful paint job, our community came together to create an amazing “WOW” factor piece.

Come join us and see Accurate Collision put the finishing touches just in time for The Hulkbuster’s debut at the Tulsa Pop Culture Expo, Nov. 2-4, 2018 at Renaissance Hotel where Tulsa Pop Kids teams up with OKPop and XPO games to bring celebrities, writers and artists to Tulsa’s Best Con. Be the first to see this amazing coming together of a community to support children’s literacy in the Tulsa area.

“We could not do something this huge without support in our community.” states Ron Veit, president of Tulsa Pop Kids, “each year we do a giant project, and this one was monstrous! The more we get the community engaged, the more excited they become.”

“As soon as we saw this, we knew we had to be part of this,” states CEO Nathan Hostetler from Accurate Collision “companies that help support organizations benefiting the community is a win for everyone.”

The creation of the Hulkbuster is a little nod to Archie Goodwin, the original writer of Ironman. Despite being born in Kansas City, Missouri, Goodwin considered Tulsa, Oklahoma—where he spent his teen years at Will Rogers High School, graduating in 1955, and in used magazine stores searching for EC Comics—as his true hometown.

Goodwin first worked for Marvel Comics in 1968 and was the original writer on the Iron Man series which launched that year. According to Goodwin, when he entered editor Stan Lee’s office to apply for a job with Marvel, Lee was in the middle of writing an Iron Man story and handed him photostats of the pages he was working on for his writer’s test. Goodwin has been quoted as saying, “I assume if he had been working on Sgt. Fury, I’d have been writing Sgt. Fury. Thank God he wasn’t writing Millie the Model when I walked in.” Goodwin and artist George Tuska co-created the supervillain the Controller in Iron Man #12 (April, 1969).

Tulsa Pop Kids Inc. was created to provide support within the community to promote literacy programs for children through pop culture and entertainment. Tulsa Pop Kids Inc. uses a variety of resources to further our mission from donations of comic books to volunteers who dress up in cosplay to visit children in hospitals and elementary schools as well as local events that partner with other organizations in the community.

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