SoonerCon fandemonium

Just recently we just got back from one of the most awesome fan-based conventions in Oklahoma City, our hometown! Soonercon 23 took place in Midwest City from June 27-29.

SoonerCon 23

They had a very local feel and there were major names in the business showing their support by coming out and meeting the fans. It was so much fun.

The author guest of honor was Glen Cook who is known for The Black Company Series and The Garrett Files Series. The artist guest of honor Vincent Villafranca, an American sculptor. He creates bronze sculptures ranging from traditional wildlife imagery to futuristic science fiction based imagery.

Other guests included Toastmaster Selina Rosen whom we interviewed, and others such as Vic Mignogna, who is famous for being a voice and film actor. You’ve seen him in such things as Full Metal Alchemist , Soul Eater and many more.

SoonerCon 23

Jami Marchi was also in attendance. She is an awesome voice actor and who voices in the Witchblade Series. Her other work includes Deadman Wonderland and Borderlands 2, and many more awesome titles. Other guests included Tiffany Grant who has voiced over 1200+ and was the first Anime voice actor hired in Texas – how cool is that ?

Others included Matt Greenfield, Larry Nemecek, Nate Bright and Jenna Green, who does a killer job at special effects make up.

It was an amazing turn out of support by fans and stars all the way across the board. The staff had a great attitude toward the businesses and more importantly to the fans who love geek culture. Whether it was cosplay, fan-favorites, or D&D gaming – they had it all.

Check these guys at and show your support for an amazing local convention that is growing every year.

SoonerCon 23

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