Ghouls Gone Awesome! by Chad Elijah

Photo Courtesy of: Justin Kimberling

Lotus Comics Press got to enjoy the amazing Gazette Ghouls Gone Wild Halloween parade on Saturday, October 27th. Starting in 2007 with a mission of celebrating “artistry, creativity, and diversity” this event is one of the coolest events seen in the Mid-West region.


The parade had many very cool floats, such as little shop of horrors, to zombies. Patrons participated in the spirit with elaborate costumes and the judges were absolutely awesome judging all the floats as they went by. What was so amazing about it is that practically every one in Oklahoma City either participated in the parade, has costumes evolving the parade or simply had a great time involving the family.


With the press work that we do at Lotus Comics Press we delve into all of the realms of geek or might you say geekology and Ghouls Gone Wild had all of these realms. The parade floats were spectacularly done in the fact that so much creativity, attention to detail and passion were represented. The Halloween Spirit was tremendous in this Oklahoma City based event.


Photo Courtesy of: Justin Kimberling

Despite Halloween traditionally being associated with dark spookiness, Ghouls Gone Wild did an absolutely amazing job keeping the spirit light and fun for the whole family.


Geek in general is associated with the fact that whether you are into comic books; old horror movies; Halloween; or holidays in general that there is a certain drive of passion that carries through the people that participate in these events. Ghouls Gone Wild certainly had that passion of geek in their event, which I think hits home for a lot of people that are into movies, music, and different genres. Me personally, I am a geek and into movies, comics books, and different geeky events, dressing up in a cosplay outfit. Regarding the event, the event demonstrated all of these facts in an amazing way.

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