Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review

grey posterFifty Shades of Grey

Movie Review

 Running time 125 min.


Rated R

Universal Pictures

 Release Date 2-13-2015

Hey everyone what can you say about Fifty Shades of Grey. Well originally it was an erotic novel series by E.L James. It has elements of intense sexual practices involving bondage, disciplines as well as practicing sadism/masochism, not a kid kind of book, if you know I mean. The book series had originally sold 100 million nationwide including the U.K. which is pretty amazing. The book is a 3 part series and has been translated many times so getting the adaptation right for the audience, I would image, would be really hard to do, but I’m sure Director Sam Taylor Johnson already anticipates this to make sure the audience is happy with its success. There has been a confirmation that there will be 2 sequels, hopefully with the same actors. The cinematography was really out there and really explicit and I would remind everyone that because of the sexual content it is a great movie, however, I would not recommend anyone under 17 to see it .The thing I enjoyed the most was the character development and the story between the two characters was well done as well. Fifty Shades was a very dark and twisted in that sense and it was very intense to watch. All in all it was a great movie to watch and I would probably give a rating 3 out of 5 stars. Hats off guys, Great job!

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