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Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014 – Chad Elijah


When I was a kid, I grew up on Nightmare on Elm Street with Robert England, Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis, and Monster Squad with my favorite character Rudy (Ryan Lambert). Who doesn’t love a good horror flick — the kind that gives you with goose bumps and leaves you a little jumpy after the credits?
Growing up watching these films, I grew to idolize these actors. From Night on Elm Street to Halloween to any Romero flick imaginable. Recently I traveled to Texas for a convention where I was able to meet George Romero, I was in heaven.


Just recently we had the pleasure to be at one of the best horror conventions yearly.
Texas Frightmare Weekend, which is annually held in Dallas, Texas during May, is a horror-oriented media event. There were so many fans and supporters there, and they were all so excited to watch their favorite horror movies and meet their favorite horror actors. The convention featured the Reunion of Children of the Corn and The Blair Witch Project Reunion as well. With supporters like Linda Hamilton (Vicky), Courtney Gains (Malachi), John Franklin (Isaac) and Heather Donahue (Blair Witch), it was such a delight and they were very cool to chat with.


The best part was the fans. It was so much fun getting to talk to all the fans — not mention all of the amazing costumes. Candice Fralix did a great job as BloodRayne, and is in our geek community as a supporter to geek culture. The most amazing part was meeting George Romero. What an awesome experience to meet the legend who directed Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead, and my personal favorite Night of the Living Dead. The Godfather of Zombies himself — what an amazing guy.
If you get a chance, it was a great event to take your friends or family to. Check out Texas Frightmare Weekend and go to for more information. I can’t wait until next year’s amazing event.

Neighbors Movie Review – James Peterson

Neighbors Movie Poster

Movie Review:
Universal Pictures (96 mins)
R (language, violence, nudity, strong drug and sexual references)

Who is right when everyone is wrong?
By James Peterson
Mac and Kelly Radner (Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne) are new parents living in their suburban dream home, wondering if their days of fun and frolicking are behind them. Fortunately(?), they get another chance to experience their wild youth when a fraternity moves in next door. Teddy Sanders (Zac Efron), president of Delta Psi, is warm, witty, welcoming, and wild, as are the rest of his frat house brothers. Soon, these two neighbors are at odds over the partying, and hilarity ensues.
Without giving any spoilers, I will offer some word association on the film’s funniest moments:
Airbag. Weed. Breastmilk. Dildos. Weed. Fireworks. Weed.
Did I mention weed? Cause there is LOTSA weed. Like, the set is practically constructed from weed. Like, you see more weed than food in this film. Like, their monthly weed bill must be in the five digit range. Like, weed is the key ingredient to having ANY fun in the hopefully fictional town of Ardendale.
I say hopefully fictional, because I am sensing a national trend toward overall acceptance of marijuana, and Neighbors is pouncing on it. Ardendale may very well be an upcoming town in Colorado or Washington State for all I know, because the film is basically a giant billboard – NEED WEED FOR FUN!
I don’t mean to get preachy or straightedge, but Neighbors would be hilarious WITHOUT the weed overdose. Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O’Brien’s script appears to have been written with Seth Rogen in mind, and Zac Efron’s acting chops are even more impressive than his bod (which the ladies will SURELY appreciate), but the best character in the film is Pete (Dave Franco). The vice president of Delta Psi balances fun, family, friendship, and his future and comes out shining.
Props also to director Nicholas Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), as he brought together this fun-loving cast, a rip-roaringly funny script, and a pure party soundtrack. So check out Neighbors, laugh your ass off, and try not to get a contact high in the process.

Grade: A

Remember to look for Lotus Comics Press at Texas Frightmare Weekend this weekend on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of May! We’re SUPER EXCITED and you should be too for the #1 Horror Con of the year!

Get more info Here!

Warlord Games Game Day

Check out the Warlord Games Game Day in Oklahoma City!

June 7 at the Hampton Inn, 9:00am to 3:00 pm.

Warlord Games Open

Warlord Logo
Celebrate the first mini Warlord Games Open Game Day in the United States!

Where: Hampton Inn I-40 E, Oklahoma City, OK.
When: 7 June 2014 9:00am – 3:00
Who: Warlord Demo Team
What: Entry fee is only $20 until April 30th, $25 until May 31st, and $30 on the day of the event!

Join Warlord Games as they demonstrate all the current rule sets that Warlord Games offers on ELEVEN large incredibly detailed wargaming tables. All needed items WILL be provided. This event will include a free breakfast and lunch, a chance to talk to the folks from Warlord via webcam, a bunch of free stuff for registered participants, access to the hotel pool for family members and a special Warlord Games hotel room discount. A booth will be on site selling the latest and greatest Warlord Games releases. Contact them for information on a special pre-event.

Send your questions and registration requests to



Dallas Comic and Pop Expo


Dallas Comic and Pop Expo

Come check out the Dallas Comic and Pop Expo!

Meet John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazard, Smallville), Jim Cummings (Dark Wing Duck, The Lion King), Peter Mayhew (Star Wars) and many more at this family-friendly pop culture event!

The event takes place on March 1-2, 2014 at the Richardson Civic Center in Richardson, Texas.

For more information, visit

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Release Date April 4, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past – Release Date May 23, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Release Date May 2, 2014