Cosplayer: Lynda Carter Q&A

10624800_827284673990566_7034615266524251822_nWhat made you get into Cosplay?

The need to pay honor to the character to which I have identified with all my life.


Why did you choose Wonder Woman as your preferred costume?

It is really hard to be concise and precise. All my life, I dreamed of playing Wonder Woman. heroine who broke all the standards of beauty, and of the time. And she always represented the highest standards of ethics and morality. Perhaps, the opportunity to find myself.
mean, she has Latin blood — x- substance, as I say.

I’ve never seen the Wonder Woman COSPLAY as a costume for Halloween. Ijust came at a time in my life when I most needed it.


What goals and aspirations did you want to achieve when getting into Cosplay?

Using Cosplay is the easiest way to return to the past. For me it is the most perfect time machine. I like the sparkle in people‘s eyes when they recognize “Wonder Woman” whom they grew up with. Courage, humility, peace and an overwhelming happiness are the powers I get when I am Wonder Woman.


What is your opinion on the old-school Wonder Woman costume (the one Lynda Carter wore) compared to the new costume that will be in the 2016 Batman vs. Superman movie?

Times change, and we must always be open to reinvent ourselves.I just think that there are elements of the story that should be respected.


Who do you aspire to be in the midst of doing Cosplay at conventions?9467_791681704224475_6945352432121651249_n

never expect recognition or fame. Children are the ones who motivate me more. Children and my son are themselves the magic that drives me to attend each event. Allow people to relive moments from the past. They are my biggest award every year.


Do you have a favorite comic book? Besides Wonder Woman, of course!

The KingdomCome” by Alex Ross. It is a perfect piece of art, historyand illustration.


Who is the coolest person you’ve ever met at a convention?

Last ComicCon I attended, I met an excellent Cosplayer named Lilia Lemoine known as Lemon Lady. She is an excellent Cosplayer — but more importantly, she is human and charitable.


Which convention is your favorite that you have attended?

So far, in Colombia, we have only had two official versions of the ComicCon. For me, both were unique and memorable. I have also attended local events of equal or more importance. These events are where the foundation for the Cosplay culture is strengthened.


Do you do any costumes besides Wonder Woman?

Even though Wonder Woman is a character that has been and will remain my inspiration in everything that concerns over my life — there are characters like She-Hulk and She-ra that would like to explore.


Do you have any new costumes you’re planning to do soon? If so, what are they?

Coming Comiccon, my creation group and I will be working on doing special honor to Wonder Woman. For other events around country, I would like to take some risk and explore my artistic career as Cosplayer.


What is your view on Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman?

She is a very important icon in the history of the Wonder Woman. She has been her and still is even though now she is not playing this character. She left her personal mark on Wonder Woman.


Do you have any heroes that made you want to get into Cosplay?

Coming soon, She-ra and She-hulk


If you had to choose a superpower, what would you choose and why?

I wish I had more than just one power! But I think flying would be one that I would like most. mean that feeling of freedom must be unique.


Being that you’re from Colombia, how do you view Cosplay based on where you’re from?

Columbia is an amazing places our culture; our people I talk for mine. Medellin is an eternal place to dream of. I must be honest; it has been not easy. Many in here (and I’m sure in other places too don’t respect or they can’t see how wonderful can be one event like Comiccon or any fest like it. Being a Cosplayer is not a waste of time. Being a Cosplayer is just a way to be free and yourself.

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