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Leonard Nimoy: 1931-2015

Leonard Nimoy

Our sincerest apologies to the family of Leonard Nimoy, who passed away today. Nimoy was best known for his role as Spock in Star Trek, although his artist pursuits ranged beyond acting — into even music and poetry.

Mr. Nimoy will be missed.


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REVIEW: Hot Tub Time Machine 2

imagesBy Chad Elijah

Running Time: 1 hr and 33 minutes

Director: Steve Pink

Today we are taking a look at the new sequel to Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Who could forget the Great White Buffalo reference or Papa Enzo’s or Chernobly the juice that makes time travel happen? This takes place 4 years later from the first movie.

Lou (Rob Corddry) started as the character that was lost in life and a dead beat character to the owner of Lougle. Who is a Multi-millionaire and Lead singer to Motley Lou. Lou gets shot and the gang tries go back into time to save him in the hot tub time machine that Lou has hidden in his mansion, that is still maintained by the Repairman (Chevy Chase) ; however, they end-up going into the future instead.

Nick Weber (Craig Robinson) who first started out was working as a groomer at Sup Dawg and was in the band called Chocolate Lipstick and now in the sequel is a solo artist who is ripping-off and remaking every popular song to his name. And who can forget my favorite character Jacob (Clark Duke), Lou’s son, who has a hilarious and a bigger role in part two than part one.

In part one he was figuring out what he was going to do about his living situation and in part two is trying to keep everything together and figure out who shot Lou while creating his future at the same time.

Last of the original four characters Adam (John Cusack) who’s marriage ends up failing and truly discovers love at the end of part 1, who is only mentioned in part two, and does not have an actual role.

The movie does have an addition, to fill the void left by Cusack in the film, Adam Jr. (Adam Scott) which is Adam’s son in part 2, which honestly didn’t meet up to part 1 at all; He really wasn’t that funny. Cusack was the best character from part one.

I personally was skeptical about the about part 2 due to Cusack not being in the sequel however it was great movie for how they went with the storyline from part 1 into part 2, even though there were a few plot holes. I was disappointed about Cusack not being in part 2 as he does amazing acting and I love his work. I am left wondering, as I imagine everyone else is “Where is Cusack?” Cusack stated that he was never approached or asked to be in part 2, according to IMDB. I give this movie a rating of 3 out of 5 stars.