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Enasni Volz Cosplayer * Gamer * Fangirl Q & A

1In this edition of Lotus Comics Press, we talk about the great time we had at the Dallas Comic Con Fan Days event this October. There were stars around from both the big screen to the art of comic book artistry.  Now normally we go for the big names and pull out all the stops in interviewing some of the more famous names in Hollywood geek culture, but this time around we wanted to focus on some of the great people who make the conventions really memorable for us. So we had a chance to run into one of Lotus Comics’ greatest friends and the most popular Harley Quinn cosplayers around: Enasni Volz.

Enasni Volz

Ms. Volz, how long have you been cosplaying?

Volz: I’ve been cosplaying since 2008, so that would be, what, 5 years or so?

LC: So by all accounts you’d be a vet?

Volz: Yeah, typically I’d be a veteran, so yeah.

LC: So have you been doing it professionally or casually?

Volz: I’ve just started doing it professionally now. As you can see I have a booth now and this is my second time selling prints now at a booth….I mean, you can’t really be a professional at cosplaying but I’m kind of starting to make my way as some sort of way to help fund me making costumes, so there’s that. (Big smile)

LC:  Has it become a booming market lately?

Volz: Yeah, it has become really big.

LC:  I see that many cosplayers have become passionate about some of the things that they are designing, and being here at this comic con event I see that people have been putting a great deal of money into their costumes, so is yours 100% authentic? Did you make or sew them yourself or did you buy it?2

Volz:  I did, I make all my costumes completely by hand on my sewing machine, so they’re all handmade by me.

LC:  Now we see you wearing today the classic Harley Quinn red and black checkered ensemble made popular by the original Batman Animated series where the character of Harley Quinn was introduced. Did you always want to cosplay, or were you scared to do it at first?

Volz:  When I was little I adored Halloween. I loved dressing up so when I finally found out about cosplay I was like, Ok, sign me up! Where do I start? How do I begin? Its like, dressing up whenever you want for conventions? Of COURSE! It’s like Halloween everyday for me, minus the candy…or sometimes with candy! I get free candy!

LC:  (laughing) Hey! Who doesn’t love free candy?!

Volz:  (laughing) I love free candy! I’m serious about candy!

LC:   Have you ever been shy about being in costume before?

Volz:  At the first few times I was because I didn’t know if I would be good enough and I didn’t know anybody around, and I just discovered that everybody was the exact same way. Everyone was nervous. Everyone just wanted to have fun. So I just have fun with it, so that’s that.

LC: Wait a minute; were you like a closet nerd or something? Like a closet geek?

Volz:  Not really. My friends and I are all pretty nerdy, but um, I guess all my friends couldn’t come with me that first time, so I was by myself the first time I did this at a convention, and I as shy because I didn’t know anybody there.

LC: Wow, that’s pretty brave! You were really brave to do that. So tell me: Nintendo or Genesis?

Volz: Nintendo!

LC:  Ok…alright, so would you consider yourself a gamer as well?

Volz:  (eyes light up) Oh HECK yes!

LC:  So what do you like to play?

Volz:  Um, I play a lot of RPGs. My favorite game that I like to play is “Borderlands 2”.

LC: Oh hell yeah!

Volz: I cosplay Mad Moxxie as well from Borderlands 1 and 2. I am obsessed with those games…to an unhealthy extent.

LC: (laughing) Now you say that you cosplay other Borderlands characters as well. What other characters have you done that we’ve seen you in?

Volz: You’ve seen me as Mad Moxxie Borderlands, and I do other Borderlands Moxxies like the first one and second one, I’m going to be doing the one from the Downloadable content. I do dozens of different Harley Quinn costumes, which I’m sure you’ve seen ‘cuz you’ve seen me at different cons all the time.

LC: Yes, and you were just recently at San Diego, weren’t you?

Volz: Yes, and we do different…we make all kinds of costumes like animated costumes, comic costumes; we make up our own costumes my friend and I (or was that boyfriend? Hmm…) I also do Bellatrix Lestrange, Chloe Frazer from Uncharted, um (tilting her head to think of more characters) My Little Pony…I do a lot of different costumes, mostly Harley Quinn or fun characters.

LC: Now you said “we”. Who are you with right now? Are you representing a company or your own company?

Volz: Oh no, when I say “we” I mean my boyfriend and I.

LC: Ahhh, a boyfriend (Sorry guys…she’s taken. But keep reading the interview!)

Volz: (laughs and shakes her head at me)

LC: So I see that you have pics with Superhero photos.com (Will be a featured interview on Lotus Comics Press)?

Volz: Right now I am representing SupeR Hero Photos.com. He does great photos of cosplayers at cons and also out of cons. He sets up his studio out of his home.

LC: Oh, is that your boyfriend right there (pointing to the guy at SupeR Hero Photos.com. He looks over at me and gives me a weird look as I give him a thumbs up)?

Volz: Oh…oh no (almost snorts as she laughs. I put my thumb down and he rolls his eyes. Now I feel stupid) he’s a friend of mine who contacted me for a photo shoot. He printed out some prints of me that I could sell and I came out here to promote and support him this Saturday. I am officially with “GeekLurv.com”. We’re going to be launching within the next few weeks. (This means that by the time you read this interview it will be out NOW. Get over there…AFTER you finish reading this interview.)

LC: Oh, LOVE the name. We love anything that has GEEK in it.3

Volz: Oh yeah, it’s spelled L-U-R-V and it’s soo geek. It’s going to be a GEEK dating website. (Finally, there is hope for us) So people who are like minded, or can find similar interests…it’s like a problem that many geeks have when they start dating, via online or regular dating. They kind of, like, have to hide their geek side, or ease their significant other into their lifestyle slowly, like “Look, I’m kind of into this,” or “Hey, is it ok if we do this; are you going to do this, too?” And then the whole back and forth of trying to connect with interests. So this way, if you are a gamer, you can put that on your profile like “Hey, I’m a gamer and I am interested in dating other gamers” and then you can bond over what games you like, or even comics, such as what kind of comics you like or cartoons or ANY hobby you like. Even if it’s model airplane making or cosplay. Or heck, even just bird watching. It’s for anyone who is passionate about something and they’re looking for someone that shares that passion and that they can connect with each other on a deeper level.

LC: (mouth hangs slightly open) Oh my God….you’re like a Geek pioneer! I LOVE that!

Volz: (laughs a little at that) So we will be launching soon, and if you find me, or other cosplayers that work with us at the event, we have discount cards with us that we are giving out for subscriptions. We will start doing a paid subscription next year, but for now it’s free.

LC: Well, I’m happily married now, but that sounds like it would have been a great outlet for me had I still been single.

Volz: (laughs again) Hey, you gotta love marriage! (gives me a great Harley voice as she interacts with our Joker, Chad)

LC: Wow, I love your character acting.

Volz: (really chuckles) Thank you!

LC: So tell me; are you a classically trained actress? Have you done any film school?

Volz: Maybe highschool drama club. But other than that….

LC: (makes me laugh and snort…don’t judge me) So you’re just really dedicated to your character.

Volz: I’m REALLY, really dedicated to my characters I cosplay. Part of the fun of cosplay for me IS becoming the character. It’s not just wearing the costume or posing for the cameras. It’s interacting with the people who are dressed up as other characters that I am related to or something like that.

LC: So you are TOTALLY prepared to do a cartwheel as Harley Quinn right now?!

Volz: (laughs) you just missed it, I did one earlier in front of the booth.

LC: Darn…how about a backflip?

Volz: (laughs and shakes her head no) I can’t do a back flip.

LC: (really getting serious) A split?

Volz: (equally serious face) I can do splits, yeah.

LC: I sense a photo op is coming soon…

There is a lot more that our interview covered as well as so much depth to what she had to say to us in our interview with her. So we will consider this Part 1. Look for part two to come out next issue. I know you will be interested to read about her passion for her craft as well as what she is hoping to accomplish in the very near future. Until next time, save a jock and love a geek.

-Kenny Wilson III.

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