Zoolander 2 Article by Chad Elijah

zoolander-2-runwayZoolander 2

Hey Everyone! Who remembers one of the best movies from the early 2001! The cheesy lines, or the ridiculously funny fashion or the fact you can’t turn left while watching in one the best comedies Ben Stiller (Zoolander) and Owen Wilson (Hansel) Teamed up on. Last time Zoolander was a very funny dim- witted successful for 3 times Fashion designers that made it big in the fashion world for the famous look of Blue Steel and Magnum and Hansel a rookie sensation that’s his competition. Other stars include (Christine Taylor) Matilda Jefferies which is trying to land her big break as a reporter. And of course one of the best villains Mugatu (Will Ferrell) who planned to brain wash Derreck into the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The first movie Ben Stiller was Directed and was involved in the screen play as well as and the story was done by Drake Sather and Ben Stiller. Many cameos included David Bowie, David Duchovny, Jon Voight, Donald Trump, Christian Slater and many more so I wander how many cameos will make an appearance in the sequel. Big hype on the internet is the sequel to the Zoolander right now the release date is set for February of 2016 The plot looks pretty decent as Dereck and Hansel are back into modeling and a company tries to take them out of business, interesting approach after years without a sequal.It will take place 10 years later story wise as Ben Stiller stated in an interview just recently. Currently they are filming in Rome for some of the new movie and recently took a break to and for some relax time and attended a charity dinner to support the children of Haiti very cool guys can’t wait to new news comes and how the film progress and see how the film finally turns out .Until next time This is your Lotus Comics Film Review! Cheers!



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