Francis Ford Coppola Headlined First Signature Series at OCCC

Oklahoma City Community College had the privilege of hosting Francis Ford Coppola for a lecture. October 20 marked the day students were able to hear from the director of “The Godfather” — frequently called one of the greatest films of all Francis Ford Coppola

The event marked the director’s first return to Oklahoma since filming “The Outsiders” and “Rumble Fish” — both of which were filmed in Tulsa.

Tax-deductible funds raised from the event will help benefit OCCC’s Film and Video Production program.

“Our film and video program has about 300 students per semester and has placed hundreds in the production industry,” said Film and Video Department Chair, Greg Mellott. “However, for us to be able to compete, we need the newest, most modern equipment and also be able to provide maintenance for the state-of-the-art equipment we already have.”

Francis Ford Coppola Coming to OCCC

Academy Award Winning Director Headlines First Signature Series

Francis Ford Coppola One of the greatest filmmakers Hollywood has ever fostered will make a rare public appearance as Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) will host its annual Signature Series: An Evening with Francis Ford Coppola to be held October 20 at 7 p.m. in the OCCC Visual and Performing Arts Center Theater.

Coppola, whose association with OCCC Artist-in-Residence Gray Frederickson goes back to the early 70s and “The Godfather,” will join his friend onstage for a behind-the-scenes discussion about coppolalife, careers and the future of the film industry.

“We are extremely grateful that Mr. Coppola has agreed to help us showcase our Film and Video Production program, our facility, our faculty and our students,” said Dr. Paul Sechrist, president of OCCC. “When OCCC opened the Visual and Performing Arts Center and Theater, we knew that our first Signature Series event needed to feature someone whose quality and reputation matched that of our programs.”

Sechrist said that Coppola will be discussing his seminal films, such as the “Godfather” trilogy and “Apocalypse Now,” as well as other award-winning blockbusters.

This event will mark Mr. Coppola’s first return to Oklahoma since filming both ‘The Outsiders” and “Rumble Fish” in Tulsa. Surviving polio, Francis Coppola turned to film after a brief turn in theater. He landed, after a stint at Hofstra University, in the graduate film program at UCLA, where he and his classmates, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and John Milius swore to change the way Hollywood movies were made.

Coppola rose through the ranks of Hollywood, working for legendary low budget producer Roger Corman before his master’s thesis, a film called “You’re a Big Boy Now” was released by Warner Brothers. After winning an Academy Award for the script of “Patton,” Coppola was given the reins to what should have been a routine gangster film.

“The Godfather” is consistently listed by film critics as perhaps the greatest American film of all time.

Coppola has also developed a strong family name in Hollywood; his daughter Sophia won her own Academy Award for writing “Lost in Translation,” son Roman was recently nominated for writing “Moonrise Kingdom,” nephew Nicolas Cage won the Best Actor Academy Award for the movie “Leaving Las Vegas,” and sister Talia Shire and nephew Jason Schwartzman have made their mark in movies and television as well.

Tax-deductible funds raised from the event will help benefit OCCC’s Film and Video Production program.

“Our film and video program has about 300 students per semester and has placed hundreds in the production industry,” said Film and Video Department Chair, Greg Mellott. “However, for us to be able to compete, we need the newest, most modern equipment and also be able to provide maintenance for the state-of-the-art equipment we already have.”

Prior to the evening event, Coppola and Frederickson will hold a master’s seminar for OCCC and Oklahoma City Public School students.

Premium tickets for “An Evening with Francis Ford Coppola” are priced at $75, with lower orchestra at $45 and $35 for upper orchestra seats. For tickets, call 405-682-7576 or online at – See more at:

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September Exclusive: Lotus Comics meets Matt Frank

Return of the … Ghostbusters?

By James Peterson and Chad Elijah

ghostbusters1The 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters has come and gone, but it has left us wondering what would have happened if there had actually been a third Ghostbusters movie. I had always hoped there would be one, but the passing of Harold Ramis last February makes it seem unlikely.

Ramis took from us a creative writer, actor, and director of memorable classic comedies – Ground Hog Day, Caddyshack, Ghostbusters – the last of which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary with a theatrical re-release. Seeing Egon (“I collect spores, molds, and fungus.”), Ray (“You gotta try this pole!”), Winston (“When someone asks you if you’re a god, you say YES!”), and Peter (“He slimed me!”) back on the big screen again made me wonder if there will ever be a Ghostbusters 3.

Quickly perusing the internet about the possibility of a Ghostbusters 3 yields many rumors and few verifiable facts. Apparently, Dan Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman have been pushing to bring it back for a third time, with the biggest stipulation that “there’s no point in doing it unless it’s perfect.” Harold Ramis was supposed to make a cameo and Bill Murray would neither confirm nor deny his participation in the project. Circumstances like these have a name around Hollywood – ‘development hell.’

Therefore, with the realistic possibility of Ghostbusters 3 being shelved (for now), it falls upon the fans of the story to create their own fantasy versions, unconstrained by budgets, commitments, and ‘scheduling conflicts.’

Zuul I’ll go first with my idea for an act one – imagine if Egon, Ray, Peter, and Winston went their separate ways after part two ended. Peter shacked up with Dana, and together they raised Oscar (Channing Tatum) in the most normal way they could. Egon remained a bachelor and a devoted man of science with a respectable position and a new nerdy-hot female assistant (Zooey Deschanel). Ray opened Ray’s Occult Books again, and now employs a younger man (Jonah Hill) with the same interests. Winston earned a doctorate degree and has tried to distance himself from the Ghostbusters, but his son (Kevin Hart) was always trying to coax him back by getting him to tell stories of his adventures.

Egon discovers that a terrible dimensional rift is on the horizon, with the potential to unleash hell on earth. In a desperate effort to stop the event, Egon sacrifices himself but saves his lab assistant and tells her to pass a cryptic message onto the other Ghostbusters – they will know what it means and what to do.

Zooey originally goes to Ray’s to deliver the message, but Jonah stonewalls her. She then tries to find Peter and Dana, but they deliberately avoid her, although she does manage to catch Channing’s (Oscar’s) eye in the process. She tells him the odd message, and departs looking for Winston Zeddemore.
Winston does meet with Zooey, but when she shares the message, he tells her that it doesn’t mean anything at all. Kevin Hart overhears the message and realizes that it is related to a story that Winston told him when he was younger, and believes that Winston is harboring a secret.

stay_puftWhen Zoe leaves, Kevin confronts her and tells her what he knows, while Jonah casually mentions Zooey’s message to Ray. Ray immediately flips out and pulls aside an old bookshelf, revealing some old Ghostbuster technology he has stashed away all these years.
Channing tries to connect with Zooey, who plays him to try to get to Peter, but Kevin screws up the scenario by spilling the beans. Meanwhile, Jonah, on a mission from Ray, arrives at the Venkman residence and confronts the other three, telling them that Ray needs Peter and Winston NOW…

…NOW, all you Ghostbusters fans out there, email with a continuation of the storyline, or your own imaginative variation, and we’ll sort through them to post the most creative mish-mash we can in a few more weeks. But in the meantime, if your closet door creaks a little too often in the night, or the light upstairs keeps going on by itself, don’t freak out and wonder…
Who you gonna call?

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SoonerCon fandemonium

Just recently we just got back from one of the most awesome fan-based conventions in Oklahoma City, our hometown! Soonercon 23 took place in Midwest City from June 27-29.

SoonerCon 23

They had a very local feel and there were major names in the business showing their support by coming out and meeting the fans. It was so much fun.

The author guest of honor was Glen Cook who is known for The Black Company Series and The Garrett Files Series. The artist guest of honor Vincent Villafranca, an American sculptor. He creates bronze sculptures ranging from traditional wildlife imagery to futuristic science fiction based imagery.

Other guests included Toastmaster Selina Rosen whom we interviewed, and others such as Vic Mignogna, who is famous for being a voice and film actor. You’ve seen him in such things as Full Metal Alchemist , Soul Eater and many more.

SoonerCon 23

Jami Marchi was also in attendance. She is an awesome voice actor and who voices in the Witchblade Series. Her other work includes Deadman Wonderland and Borderlands 2, and many more awesome titles. Other guests included Tiffany Grant who has voiced over 1200+ and was the first Anime voice actor hired in Texas – how cool is that ?

Others included Matt Greenfield, Larry Nemecek, Nate Bright and Jenna Green, who does a killer job at special effects make up.

It was an amazing turn out of support by fans and stars all the way across the board. The staff had a great attitude toward the businesses and more importantly to the fans who love geek culture. Whether it was cosplay, fan-favorites, or D&D gaming – they had it all.

Check these guys at and show your support for an amazing local convention that is growing every year.

SoonerCon 23

Check out Artist Brent Woodside

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Boba 3


Do you really want to know?

JFK Image 1

November 22, 1963 – an infamous day in American history. Different generations of people can recall where they were when they heard the shocking news that President John F. Kennedy had been shot.
In the aftermath, Lee Harvey Oswald is trotted out to the press and presented as the “Lone Gunman”. Immediately, Americans are divisive on the issue, and before they can get any answers, Oswald is shot dead by a mysterious man named Jack Ruby.

Since then rumors and conspiracy theories have abounded about President Kennedy’s assassination – Did Oswald act alone? Who was behind the grassy knoll? Was it a coup d’etat orchestrated by Vice President Lyndon Johnson? Was the mob or the CIA somehow involved? Americans have always wanted to know what really happened, and so did Lotus Comics, so we visited The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.

Dealey Plaza is smaller than you might expect – about the size of a football field. It is roughly triangular in shape, with the longest edge running east-west. Along the northern edge is the ‘grassy knoll’ where Abraham Zapruder was filming the president’s motorcade on his 8mm camera. That footage, some of the most scrutinized in history, captured President Kennedy’s final moments – in gruesome detail.

JFK Cropped Image 2

In the northeast corner of Dealey Plaza sits the Dallas County Administration building, formerly known as the Texas School Book Depository. A casual glance at the 6th floor of the structure shows the corner window – Oswald’s sniper perch – is raised. Once inside the museum, you can meander along with an audio-guided tour of the exhibits, starting with a trip to the early 60’s and the state of the nation at the time. From there, you can examine how President Kennedy’s fatal route was originally planned, and soon you come to the infamous corner window. It has been recreated to appear as it was on that dark day in American history, with stacks of boxes of schoolbooks obscuring the assassin from any onlookers. Leading away from the window, you see exhibits of the world’s reaction to the events, along with an investigations section where a 10 x 10 FBI scale model of Dealey Plaza can be found. Further on, there is an exhibit that shows where the assassin’s rifle was found, and the staircase that Oswald used to flee from the scene.
Upstairs on the 7th floor, the museum displays temporary exhibits. They also offer a further 4500 square feet of facilities for special events. This opportunity would make for a rather unique corporate or educational experience, where guests could dine and explore in detail the many conspiracies regarding President Kennedy’s fateful day.
Coming away from the Sixth Floor Museum, we looked back at Dealey Plaza differently. We saw the grassy knoll, the gentle curve of Elm Street, the large trees in front of the building – and again, the slightly raised window on the 6th floor. It’s just a small opening, but through it, we caught a much larger glimpse of American history.

JFK Cropped 3