Beetlejuice – It’s Show Time!

beetlejuiceBy Chad Elijah

We’ve come for your daughter, Chuck. That’s right, Beetlejuice is back! There been some talk of rumor of reviving the ghost with the most in recent events.

Beetlejuice was originally released March of 1988, making it 27 years old. It’s tagged as comedy fantasy, but we all know it’s a classic. There has been talk of releasing a part 2 in 2015.

In past years reviving past bad ass movies or making a sequel or any reboot with some situations have turned out to be a failure. Which leaves me with some concerns in making Beetlegeuse 2, I mean Beetlejuice 2.Where would the journey takes us this round? Would they explain the sandworms? That would kill some of the mystery on why they exist in the netherworld storyline, but I am dying to know!

Would it explain more of the origin of Beetlejuice, or would they go the other way and explain more of the netherworld – pick up thwhere they left off?

Would Michael Keaton do a better job playing him the second time? He was amazing the first time with Winona Ryder as Lydia Deetz, and she did indirectly say she working on a
sequel. On top of that would Tim Burton did confirm he is going to direct the new one.

I mean Keaton has always said if he could do anything again, Beetlejuice is the one thing I would like to do again. Question is can they revive the cult classic after 27 years? And will or could it be even better than we remember it?

I personally can’t wait to see what happens in the next classic, and for the next generation of people to enjoy what I have always loved.

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